Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ben Wai pledges to keep SMUrugby blog alive!

In the latest news in SMUrugby, last season's Most Dedicated Player of the Year, Benjamin Wai has recently accepted the challenge to take upon an editorial role on SMU's highly refreshed blog at SMUrugby News.

The former track and field athlete admitted he was nervous yet excited at the prospects of being the latest addition to the team of elite writers. He said, "its a huge responsibility, i will do my best to entertain the millions and MILLIONS! of fans out there." He also said that one of his objectives upon coming on board is to satisfy the many anonymous fans' requests of putting up more photos of both winger Bryan Ng and prop Matthias Lim on the blog - half or if not totally naked! (Whether these anonymous fans are male or female - it can't be verified.)

Nevertheless and more importantly, with the new inclusion of Ben Wai, SMUrugby news promises to fill you with more spills on what goes on in the SMUrugby team...and we will be expecting to to get more "refresher-wannabes" coming back for more.

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