Saturday, September 12, 2009

SMU Logistics unveils new innovation!

SMU's new patented product - BlowIt

In the build up to the 2009 Singapore University Games, SMU's very own research and development arm headed by Gerald Fok unveiled their very new creation - a dildo looking whistle - at yesterday's training session. The new invention, which qualified for patent protection under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore last week, looks to revolutionalize the refeereeing world and it seems that there has already been agreement that the new whistle will be used at SUNIG in October.

The new invention, affectionately known as BlowIt, had been kept under wraps with only key members of the research team and President Derek Chan aware of this new invention. In the short but succinct press conference held, President Chan said that 'the invention was a huge step forward especially as SMU Rugby looks to influence every aspect of the rugby circuit - including refeereeing'.
Head researcher and logistics chief, Gerald Fok, also hailed the new development as ground-breaking and gave credit to the high aesthetic value of the new achievement.

Coach Rong gave BlowIt its debut during SMU's internal games and had nothing but praise for the new tool in his mouth, even going as far to say that 'the blowing's just fine!' However, it seems that some parts of the SMU camp were voicing their concerns over the new invention. A key personnel in the developmental team, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, highlighted the dangers of the new invention - "With the new design, it seems that referees are going to be more inclined to blow prematurely or even at any given opportunity! In addition, we need to send out a clear message to the public that despite the mean look of the whistle, it should only be reserved for blowing purposes."

BlowIt will be available at all major retail sporting outlets by end September.

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