Saturday, February 28, 2009

SMU Rugby Clinches Team of the Year Award!

SMU Rugby got a great boost to their season when they were named SSU (SMU Sports Union) Team of the Year, the highest accolade for the team that emerged within top four at inter-varsity leagues or equivalent events and has contributed to the Sports Fraternity in one main or two sub events, at the annual SSU Sports Awards Night 2009 two weeks ago. This is the first time SMU Rugby has made it to prestigious list, which includes SMU Sailing and SMU Fencing. This award joins SMU Rugby's bulging cabinet which still has an empty place for the 2009 Tri-Unis Cup.

"It is a great honor to win this because there are so many great teams in SMU at the moment," said President, Sherman Yeo.

The annual SSU Sports Awards Night was a close-knit affair that brought the SMU Sports fraternity together; saluting undergraduates who have left their mark on the school's sporting history vis-à-vis sporting excellence.

The judging panel of both SSU (SMU Sports Union) and OSL (Office of Student's Life) voted based on the achievements and contributions of the various nominated teams, with the year officially running from the start of 2008 till the end of SUNIG (Singapore Universities Games) back in August last year. In that period, SMU Rugby won the inaugural Tri-Unis Championship 2008 & SUNIG 7s. It was the only sports team in SMU to be crowned champions in SUNIG 2008.

Daniel Marc Chow, current skipper of SMU Rugby, who has seen the ups and downs of SMU Rugby since it was established back in 2004 said, "This is a great achievement for SMU Rugby. We have come a long way since playing in our first official game back in 2005 and being the whipping boys of the university rugby fraternity. We wouldn't have won this award if not for the players, staff, management and our ardent supporters. Thank you guys!"

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