Friday, February 13, 2009

Where in the World is Refresher Siow??

As the highly anticipated Tri-Uni's draw steadily nearer, the much talked about Cityboys recently received an urgent rallying cry to


Said President Sherman Yeo solemnly at our last scheduled press conference: "NUS think they can have a go at us but lets prove them wrong. I know that mid terms/presentations/assignments are piling up but now is really the time for us to make some sacrifices."

One notable name from last year's historic Tri-University's victory however, remained unaccounted for. The question on everyone's lips: "Where in the World is Refresher Siow??"

In order to set the matter to rest, your ever-loyal, totally objective reporters here at SMURugby News took an overnight flight to the far reaches of the known world (where Amos was last seen on exchange), in order to bring you some answers. At present, little is known of the fate of this legendary SMU Old Guard except for a rumoured Spring signing with the Copenhagen Business School Rugby Club for an as yet undisclosed amount. We also found this "refreshing" little gem:

What all this shocking news amounts to, we leave to you our treasured readers to conclude on your own terms. SMU Veteran Vice-President Chew Yin Xiang however, was quick to give an answer. In an exclusive interview Mouff Chew gave us the low down.

"We at SMU Rugby are not worried about the absence of our beloved Refresher. Although we deeply miss him, we cannot comment on his personal activities overseas and can only wish him the very best. In the meantime, our ranks are swelling with talent. We would like to introduce to you, our secret weapon Numero Uno, Nicolas Hwang a.k.a. The Panzer."

Named after the infamous German Tank known for both its power and speed, Panzer is rumoured to be just one of many talented centers who have stepped up to the in-center spot left open by Amos' absence.

According to Mouff, The Panzer was homegrown in the fertile soils of Anglo-Chinese Junior College, before recently being signed in a super-secret-under-the-table deal to SMU where you may have caught glimpses of this extremely classified undercover powerhouse in action on and off the field.

With the atmosphere getting tenser and more super-charged with excitement, we at SMURugby News wait in undisguised anticipation for this promising season to get into full swing. More news soon to come.

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