Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another ACL story

What looks like a promising season for the City Boys, has turned into a last minute disaster. With Captain Daniel Marc already confirmed to be missing the first match against NTU, blindside flanker Lionel "robber" Poh has been reported to be out for the rest of the season. The reckless and crazy flanker, who is known for his beasty tackles and robber-like techniques in the rucks has been reported to have torn both his MCL and ACL during SMU recent friendly match against ACJC.

The ACL victim list has been slowly growing over the years and some rumored that it is a mark of true legends, something that past-victim Desmond Wee will 'testify' to. In 2005, when the "Weezer" suffered a similar injury, the latter actually believe that the injury was more of a fashion statement than a rugby injury - but that's the zoolander for you.

Meanwhile. this injury is really going to be a huge blow to the City Boys and one can only wonder who will be filling the big shoes of this two important forwards for the SMU team. This will certainly cause some headache for the newly appointed SMU coach Rong JingXiang.

Not so interesting Facts:

Past ACL victims
1. Desmond Wee
2. Muhd A'srie
3. Lionel Robinson
4. Mohd Raihan
5. Valmiki C Nair
6. Justin Lum
7. Lionel Poh

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