Friday, August 1, 2008


Sherminator asked me last night, "If you have the bloody time to write a poem about why we dont write on the blog, why cant you write on the blog?" He did it with such gusto and spirit that I was spurred on to create something that spring this blog back on its feet.

As a seasoned 'gossipist' and having learnt many lessons on the art of seductive gossip writing from 'The Refresher', i logged on to Facebook and sussed out some cute pictures. Did some 'artwork' and this is what i got:Its the Sherminator...yeah!! With six pack and all...

It was rumoured that the Sherminator was a little high at zouk the past mambo. From his pictures its apprent that he has been feeling very horny. I will leave you with these pictures of Sherman, giving the camera his, "Come...come...come fuck me" look.

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