Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ward 7 Bed 3

Sherman was all ready for to Mambo one last time before going back to school. He had his membership card ready and was planning to party the night, ONE LAST TIME before madness catches up on him BUT all of that came to an end during today's under 23 match between SCC and BUCKS. The cricket club guys killed us 53-0.

There will be 2 groups of people henceforth, those who belief that my tackle was legal and those who think i am a cunt that goes for the cheap shots. Sherman and I will captain the 2 teams. From the antagonist point of view: Sherman did go up into the air to take the kick off, a high and shallow one to which i had covered the ground in full steam. Sherman is not a small boy and he definately isnt a bird, so from what i know, from what i saw, he was already on his descend when i launched in. My team believes he had already made contact with one foot on the ground when i slammed into him and thus causing him to break his ankle. Of course Sherman's team will say he was in the air. The referee said, that it was fractional and awarded a penalty and warned me sternly.

However, we can all agree on the fact that i need to apologise for we all know for a fact i broke his ankle whether or not whatever else we choose to believe in. I AM SORRY SHERMAN.

Sherman now sits in Ward 7 Bed 3 with a broken ankle. When i went to say hi to him, he didnt feel so pissed with me cos someone had nicked his Chicken McNuggets (which i did try to help him find). But in between our feverish hunt for the prized chicken chunks, he did find the time to tell me some things that he thought about me in general which shouldnt be blogged.

However, i do have a few words of praise for Sherman and i will list them:
  1. Despite having has his ankles ruined, Sherman did catch the ball and held on to it. That is something i cant do, i were in his shoes, i would have probably lost the ball as well as a good ankle
  2. Even on his Bed in hospital, he was checking with Matt if SMU Rugby had the sports hall for coming Monday's training
  3. Before we even got to the hospital, he had already SMSed Vice President Mouff Chew to hold the fort, beginning with this weekend's convocation.
That is spirit that we cant find in all men.

Before i sign off, i would like to make it clear that this tackle was not made with any malicious intent. I have a clear conscience, and i only went in to make big hits that count and i am not particularly proud of what i have done.

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