Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wanted dead or alive.

The season has finally kicked off this week, with the City Boys having their first training as a full team for the first time since the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships. Although a few senior boys were missing due to their recent departure to Europe for their International Exchange, this week's training saw a good turn out.

Nevertheless, the City Boys will like to welcome the arrival of freshmen Bryan Ng and Derek Chan to their first SMU training yesterday at Gotham City. The team is still awaiting for flanker, Joel Ong's arrival as well, who has yet to make an appearance to greet his new team ever since signing for the City Boys.

In other news, the team was glad to hear the successful surgery on President Sherman Yeo's broken ankle. The President who sustained a 'freak' accident 2 weeks ago in a rugby match while playing for his club, was said to be "taken out in the air dangerously" by SMU team-mate Vicknesh Sellathurai, who was playing for his respective club in the opposing team. Many versions of the story has been written and published, but only those who were there will truly know what they saw. Till this day, it is unsure if the two are still on talking terms, but the biggest rumor that Has it! is that Sherman has retaliated by allegedly putting a bounty on Vicknesh's ankle (he didn't specify which side), apparently any side will do!

SMUrugby News insider sources told us, that while President Sherman was present at yesterday's training ground on his clutches, he was seen pulling a team-mate over during a water break and whispering "A life long supply of cigarettes for Vicky's ankle!"
Fact or fiction? Only one way to find out.

The City Boys are currently preparing themselves for the upcoming Blacks Midnight 10s next Friday. Be there to catch a glimpse of their new team in action.

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