Saturday, October 31, 2009

Club captain gets warned for unruly behaviour

The centre of discussion on Derek's facebook page

SMURugby has issued a statement indicating its disapproval of club captain, Derek Chan's less-than-satisfactory behaviour. The National-7s player was caught discussing sexual positions (specifically 'Angry Pirate') on popular social networking site - facebook, and has since been the centre of unwanted public attention.

Coach Hairul said, "I understand when the boys want to have some fun, but this behaviour is far from acceptable, especially for the captain of my squad. There are many roles to the captain and being a role model was one of them. I expected more from Derek (Chan)."

Derek's unruly ways comes on the back of being named as captain of the IRAUG Squad and while Derek has been outstanding on the field, he has been known for his wild party ways which have occasionally got him into trouble. Derek has since apologized to the squad for his unruly behaviour.

Derek becomes the first captain since DMC to be warned for improper conduct off the field.

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