Thursday, October 22, 2009

IRAUG squad to be announced soon

Still recovering from the disappointing performance by the SMU team last month, the team has ever seen regathered and have been working hard to get back to shape. Finishing 3rd in the SUNIG 7s was clearly unacceptable to the club's standards and President and Captain Derek Chan has vowed to make amends and hopes to successfully defend the 15s title.

However, the club's primary focus for now is to concentrate on a good preparation for the upcoming 7s tournament in Perth this December. The club will be sending a total of about 12 players to compete in the tournament and will hopefully do one better than the previous team that represented SMU 2 years ago, who finished 4th.

the team that represented SMU in 2007 in Perth.
Out of the 12 in the squad, 9 of the players have either left the club or will not be available for selection this year, leaving 3 players from the squad of 2007 who might be making their second appearance in the IRAUG

The team is currently being coached by newly signed , Hairul Naim, who has said to be pushing the boys through the paces and picking up where former SMU coach Rong left off. The team of 12 that will be representing SMU in Perth will be announced in the coming weeks.

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