Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ben Wai gets slapped with club fine

Over a month ago Benjamin Wai pledged his life to SMUrugby blog, however, ever since then the former ACJC sprinter has only accounted for 2 posts on the blog and is suspected to be just a "flash in the pan". His lack of posts on the blog has led to the Board of Directors (of the blog and club) calling for a vote of confidence and has caused huge uproar and displeasure among the fans and refreshers of SMUrugby.

The winger, who had his first competitive outing for the City Boys in the SUniG 7s this year has been under intense scrutiny of his performance on the field and on the blog. "He has a lot of potential, but some thing has happened to Ben and he has fallen by the wayside, we need to sort this out and make sure his mind and body is one with SMUrugby!" said one of the directors who declined to be named.

Ben Wai has been slapped with a club fine for a lack of commitment to the blog, however, no one really knows what the penalty is. When asked about the nature of the fine, the disciplinary committee could only reveal, "Ben will have to beware of himself as we take this very seriously."

Ben Wai will not be allowed to appeal against the fine and will be strongly advised to start posting.

Wai, could not be contacted for comment during the time of press release.

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