Friday, June 6, 2008

Super Saturday

Its possibly the wish for every rugby fan to wake up on a lazy Saturday morning and realise that you might be staying home to watch some exciting rugby matches for the rest of the day,

So the matches up for the day are listed below:
Rugby Junior Championship Channel 113 Eurosports
France vs Japan
11.15am - 12.45pm

- I swear the last time i saw Japan play Korea on TV, it was bloody should be quite a good game considering both sides are never afraid to swing the ball out wide and play the beautiful game. But its also good to note that this is the Junior championships...but what the heck.

IRB Pacific Nations Cup Channel 113 Eurosports
NZ Maoris vs Tonga
12.45pm - 2.30pm

- It is not often you get to see the NZ Maoris play let alone the Babas....I dont really know who will be showing up for Tonga, but i do know that most of the fringe players who didnt make the All blacks squad will be playing in this game, as well as some old birds who have constantly been in the NZ rugby scene, but never quite broke through into the All blacks for one reason or the other. So watch out for Piri, Marty Holah, H Gear(rico's brother) and Liam Messim (the dude came down and played in the Singapore 7s and killed big ol' Rob Murphy of Singapore...NICE.), who will be making his first appearance for the Maoris.

Rugby Union Test Matches Channel 170 Australian Network
NZ vs Ireland
3.30pm to 5.30pm

- xia la this one...good to see the new All Blacks squad. M Nonu is said to be playing in centre, while Conrad Smith should be starting with the #13 jersey. That should be an interesting combination. I have actually always been a big fan of Conrad Smith. The lad was quite small during his under 19 days, but really has worked really hard to get to where he is today. He is a solid centre with some very amazing running lines and not to mention good skills too. I would pick him over Ice(aka Toeava) any day.

Overall i think it will be a good match to see how the AllBlacks cope with the loss of the many greats, such as JC, Aaron, Dougie, Luke 'i fucked up big time' Mac, Byron and the list probably goes a bit longer... but u get my point by now. Definitely a must-watch.

IRB Pacific Nations Cup Channel 113 Eurosports
Fiji vs Samoa
7.30pm to 9.00pm

- Nothing quite like new pacific islander teams battling out and doing their shit. Pity Fiji can never come to terms with securing the services of Big Rupeni, who in my opinion is one of the most devastating winger the world has ever seen. Nevertheless any match that has Fiji in it is definitely going to be a joy to out for the pre match war dance by both sides. Rumor has it there was a time where both sides did their pre match war dance simultaneously and were so psyched for the game that both sides did the dance so passionately and fiercely that by the end of both sides' war cry, they were almost face to face with their opposite number. Literally.

Rugby Union Test Matches Channel 170 Australian Network
South Africa vs Wales
9.00pm to 11.00pm

Lastly, the day ends with South Africa taking on the Welsh. Wales will no longer have the services of one of the most irritating wingers, Shane Williams. Irritating for the fact he is allowed to exist on the field with a frame and size like his. Every time i see him on the field doing his stupid sidesteps, i jus wish big old Jonah Lomu would give him a 'crash' course on how to be a winger or something. Alright I am stepping over the line here. But honestly, i am no big fan of Shane, but kudos to the man who has been one of the brightest spark that Wales has ever seen on the wing. The winger recently announced his retirement and had a testimonial match (Shane Willaims 15s vs Justin Marshall aka World 15s) not too long ago - fittingly, Shane Williams' side won the game with the dwarf winger scoring 2 tries, as he bid good bye to the professional game.

On the topic of wingers, in this match we will be seeing South Africa UNLEASHHHHH....their 2 fastest wingers in the country. Of course, Bryan Habana will be one of them, but the other is Tonderai Chavhanga, a player who was first capped for South Africa way back in 2005 and due to injuries has had problems securing a place in the Springboks....but after a storming season in the Super 14s, he is finally duly rewarded with a place on the wing. Be sure to catch this match, as it will be great to see the wings burnt up by this two unbelievable wingers.

Thats our round up of SUPER SATURDAY.

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