Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SMU resting on their laurels?

With the recent SMU writers' strike, we have not been able to provide much news to our beloved fans. This strike might also be a reflection of the state of the SMUrugby team thats currently lead by the new exco that was sworn in at the end of April.

Rumors of unhappiness under the leadership of the "Shermantor" rages on...and calls for a new leader have been highly speculated. The team that won this year's Tri-Univerisites looked nothing like what they used to be and our loyal pundits(who have been with us since the start) are labelling this to be signs of sheer complacency.

When interviewed by SMUrugby news, former Captain Amos Siow said, "Its a sad and sorry sight and I hope that the new exco will step up to the challenge and work something out for us as a team...if not, all the hard work that have been put in by the last 3 batches will have come to waste"

Moving on to better news!

SMU has received latest news of securing the services of National 7s player Derek Chan. The flyer who is versatile and known for his quick pace, has followed the footsteps of Amos Siow, snubbing NTU to make the move to SMU. The newly labelled snubber, might be the crucial piece to making the rather dyfunctional SMU backline click. With no news of Justin "superstar" Lum making a return to the team and with Josiah Goh putting in a steady performance at scrumhalf, Derek will easily slot in perfectly at standoff and hopefully be able to create the space for the SMU backline to run freely.

In other news from the transfer market, SMU is rumored to also be in contract talks with National Winger Bryan Ng as well as former ACS(I) player of the season Joel Ong (Alex Ong's cousin).

So be sure to stay tuned, as we bring you the latest updates on this year's summer signings.

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