Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transfer Updates: Summer 2013 Signings

SMU Rugby is pleased to announce their latest 2 signings.                                 Benjamin Choy & Harresh Krishnan.

Both players recently featured for The City Boys at the SUNIG 7s, with Choy playing for SMU B and Krishnan for SMU A.

The new signings were also seen on stage during Freshman Bash where they demolished the opposition and took home the crown of Beer Chugging Champions 2013.

Harresh Krishnan

The Black Mamba, Route One, Blackout; whatever the name, you know that you are in for a bout playing against him. Harresh "The Friendly Giant" Krishnan, has finally put pen to paper after a drawn out year in rival club SIM.

SMU's marquee signing of 2013, Harresh adds a new dimension to the City Boys with his devastating runs and powerful handoffs. His admirable ball handling skills as a forward also shows he is versatile in the game, evident from his inclusion into the first team for the SUNiG 7's.

Standing at a staggering 1.86m, Harresh also brings a lot of experience with him, having been the youngest player to earn a full cap at National level and playing in the Premiership for current club, SCC.

Aside from rugby abilities, Harresh's philanthropic efforts also potray a soft side to this goliath, as he actively involves himself in SMU PAW(People for Animal Welfare). Journalists have reported that while backpacking in the United States during the summer, he thoughtfully declined to ride on a mule through the Grand Canyon as it was suggested that the mule would not be able to bear the full 115kg of his body. 

His care and love for animals and his passion for rugby go in tandem, and the City Boys have much to learn from this stature of a man.

Benjamin Choy

Benjamin "King Casual" Choy adds some weight and beef to the SMU Pack. Able to play all positions from 1 to 8, Ben adds some much needed depth and fits in perfectly with SMU Rugby's free flowing style of play.

Ben, who was signed in the summer of 2013 has been a regular at pre-season training and his efforts paid off during the SUNiG 7s with regular starts and a few tries to his name. Not too shabby for a debutant! 

Summer was extremely intensive for our new forward, reports say that Ben was seen at nearly every camp the University had to offer - From Arts Camp to even Sailing Camp. His
 playing style does directly co-relate to his lifestyle of diverse experiences.

                          Is Choy the 3rd Frank brother??

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