Thursday, September 12, 2013

Player of the Week - Arveen

                                            The Flying Fijian

In this week's feature for Player of the Week, we proudly present to you, Arveen Rajulah Rajah.

Name: Arveen Rajulah Rajah
Position: Winger
Height: 172cm
Weight: 70kg
Interests: Ballin' Hard

Arveen's name itself is the stuff of legends. Coming from the ancient sanskirt scrolls only unearthed recently under a defunct Thai Disco, Arveen's name translates to: Eloquent King.

A truly deserving name for the man that spun many heads right round right round at last years SUNIG and Quad-Uni 15s 2013. Arveen, who only picked up the sport some 3.5 years ago has risen through the ranks and could quite possibly be deemed as SMU Rugby's most improved player.

Labelled ''The Flying Fijian'' by his team mates, Arveen definitely lives up to that nick name. His mesmerizing runs and safe catches make him the first choice of many(If there ever was a Fantasy League). 

                   They see me rollin'....they hatin'.....

Unfortunately, Arveen recently suffered an  injury to his knee and had to undergo a reconstruction surgery last month. SMU Rugby is glad to say Arveen has been recovering well. Arveen flew to Bangkok a few days after his operation to undergo a strict rehab program and has plans to feature in the Quad-Uni 15s 2014 sometime in March next year. 

We wish Arveen all the best and a speedy recovery. We can't wait to see him wreak havoc again soon!

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