Monday, August 24, 2009

Fullback quitting rugby to start feasting club?

After being largely anonymous last season and announcing his informal retirement from the game, the man they called "The Ong" made a surprise appearance during SMU's last training on Friday, at their latest new training ground at Kallang.

The man who recently lost his starting position to Wang En Jian was looking relaxed and cool about his 'shocking appearance'. He said, "I am just here for a work out. Nothing more to it." He dispelled all rumors that he might be gearing up to play for the upcoming SuNiG 7s and insisted he will like the media to leave him in peace.

Off the field, the star fullback is rumoured to have been operating a club of his own on the City Campus, called "The Feasting Club". Apparently, the club which began just 6 months ago was formerly headed by ex-City Boy, Lionel "Robber" Poh. However, after Poh's semi-retirement from the rugby scene and an expired contract with the City Boys, the leadership role has fallen upon Alex Ong's shoulders to lead the charge in having massive feasting all through the days.

The Feasting President Ong, is said to be recruiting more members for his club, which has currently 2 members remaining since the departure of Poh. The other member being current SMUrugby President Derek Chan. The duo are said to hold club meetings around Waterloo street during lunch-time.

When questioned about the existence of the Feasting Club, Alex Ong replied, "Be there or be square."

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