Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rongy to coach SMU for life?

Last night at the City Boys' training ground, the boys who usually have trainings on Wednesdays’ nights at the underground concourse were told to give way for the SMU cheerleading team. It was reported that they was a bit of Argie Bargie going on between SMUrugby’s representative and the SMU cheerleading captain (some chick), but eventually the rugby boys (being the gentlemen that they are) gave in and resorted to training at an open space outside the school library in the DARK!

Rumor has it, a deal was struck with the cheerleading team, but the conditions of agreement for the use of the training ground were undisclosed. However, whatever the conditions were, it certainly left a lot of the City boys grinning from ear to ear when they were told to relocate to the random space outside the library. Strange, but it’s true.

Rumor has it: En Jian (EJ), Vice president of SMUrugby was the one who negotiated the 'deal' with the cheerleading girls?

The training was said to be somewhat productive as players ran around blindly in the dark. Coach Rong described the session to be one requiring high levels of awareness and good handling skills, something which apparently the City Boys weren’t very good at.

However, the training in the dark last night played little significance to the tension that has been surrounding the speculation of Coach Rong leaving, especially after having signed a new contract till the end of the year. The ‘has-been’, the forgotten, the 45-caps former Singapore captain said, “the speculations of being offered a job by a mysterious source for an undisclosed fee is true. The money they were offering was good, but after consulting my agent and talking to a few friends, I have made the decision to stay.” The legendary forward who suffers from two bad knees and who constantly walks with a chronic limp shared that from this latest episode he has discovered that his heart lies with SMU, the place where he calls his “HOOD”.

The board that spoke to him were visibly relieved by the news, but told the media that Rong has requested that the terms and conditions that he signed for in his latest contract be reviewed immediately. Apparently, during the time of agreement the 29-year-old coach was promised 77 SMU virgins as a win bonus, should he help SMU to successfully defend their SuNIG 7s’ crown in October. The finance officer of SMUrugby told us, “the man is now asking for 300!”

The board will hold another meeting with regards to reviewing coach Rong’s contract and will see if his request be viewed reasonable or not. But for now, the City Boys are glad to know that they will still have a coach with them for the next 6 months of their season.

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