Thursday, April 2, 2009

A tribute to our graduating players

As the season is coming to a close, all thats left on the City Boys' calendar, is a trip to France to participate in the T5B Rugby 7s tournament held in Paris. This will be the last tournament for the season and will also be the very last for many of our old guards who have served SMU well.

SMUrugby will like to take time to salute our old guards who have served the City boys faithfully and who have certainly played an integral part in building up the team to what it is today.

Players who will leave at the end of this season under the "Bosman ruling".

1. Mok Wai Hon
2. Naresh
3. Lorenzo Escano
4. Vignesh Naidu
5. Lionel Poh
6. Daniel Marc Chow
7. Lim Wei Ming
8. Alex Chew
9. Desmond Wee
10. Tafa

Enjoy the video.

A tribute to the 2nd graduating batch of players from SMUrugby.

Time: 7:57

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