Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SMUrugby Leaves Europe in Awe

The SMU 7s squad finally completed the Tournoi Des 5 Ballons in true fashion. The team who went up to Cergy, France to compete in the week long tournament performed beyond expectations to secure a silver medal in the league competition and a bronze medal in the cup competition. The tournament was an invitational event involving a vast variety of teams from more than 9 countries around the world and with more than 40 competitive teams.

In the league competition, the City Boys beat ILEPS (10-7), St Petersburg University (17-5) and Complutense (29-5), and only drawing with the defending champions, ESSEC (12-12), which denied them the gold.

In the cup competition, SMU faced ILEPS in the semi-finals and had to swallow a disappointing defeat of 21-7. Unfortunately, in an unanticipated turn of events, ESSEC then went on to withdraw from their own tournament and our City Boys were awarded a third place position that did not reflect the true standing in the tournament. However, on a brighter note, SMU was also awarded the Fair Play Award for upstanding conduct both on and off the field throughout the tournament duration.

The team will like to thank all the well wishes from all who supported us in one way or the other. We will also like to thank our manager Andrew Aaron Tam and our physio, Uncle See Hong, who played a huge part of making this tournament a success for us.

From the point that our team stepped onto the plane, and even upon our arrival at the tournament grounds, our team faced constant doubt and ridicule as both locals and competitors doubted our playing ability. However this tournament has truly served to become a hallmark for our beloved City Boys who have done well to prove themselves and leave a memorable mark in Europe where we have shown once and for all that we should never be taken lightly again.


Group Games

(1) SMU vs ILEPS (France)

Scoreline: 10-7

SMU Tries: Bryan Ng (1), Alex Chew (1)

(2) SMU vs ESSEC (France - defending champion)

Scoreline: 12-12

SMU Tries: Wang En Jian (1), Alex Chew (1)

(3) SMU vs St Petersburg University (Russia)

Scoreline: 17-5

SMU Tries: Bryan Ng (2), Derek Chan (1)

(4) SMU vs Complutense (Spain)

Scoreline: 29-5

SMU Tries: Nick Hwang (1), Melvin Teo (2), Matthias Lim (1), Bryan Ng (1)

Cup Semi-Final:

SMU vs ILEPS (France)

Scoreline: 7-21

SMU Tries: Derek Chan (1)

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