Wednesday, October 22, 2008


These days, everyone has something to say. The best part is when they have something to say and miraculously, you have said it and you have no recollection of it. Welcome to new age Blogging...its no longer the ethical business of the recent past.

If you scroll down to "Vices gone Wild", you would see a lomo shot of me, and the post says sth along the line that i am going to cut down smoking cos its not good for me and i need to make it to Bucks 1st IV. Now, this is what really happened: Matt bought a lomo and we were at shisha and Matt was basically playing with his camera. When he developed the film, it turned out generally quite bad except for that one with me blowing smoke. So he wrote his own story.

Except from the part that it is bad for me, i am definately not contesting that, its been clinically proven, there was no truth in that sentence. I dont intend to cut down smoking and i think i did repeatedly make the team and will continue to do so given i train hard and play well without being judged by how much i smoke.

Then there is the Justin Lum part. Do you really think i give a damn about the unhappiness amongst our non-existent fans?

I think the greatest issue with us is, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Some people read this page cos they love or hate us, some people just refresh, some fat people call other people fat on the tag board. However, we must realise, the sooner the better, that the activities of this team is neither closely watched no makes a great impact on anything in particular. So i plead to my fellow writers and editors: Drop the fancy rubbish and get on with facts!

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