Saturday, October 25, 2008

Injury to AUG's A'srie

An ACL and MCL tear sustained during last week's Singapore Cup finals between Bedok Kings and SCC, might put National and AUG 7s centre, Muhd A'srie out of action for quite a long while. The player was present during yesterday's Triangular 7s friendly tournament between ACJC, SMU and the AUG squad, and was visibly disappointed by the news and told us,

"I am bit shocked by the news, because I am not in a great deal of pain and I am walking around fine..."

The player will be undergoing intensive physiotherapy to regain as much stability and strength, and will hope to play through the AUG 7s with extensive tapping and precautionary measures. However, the player has asked for the team to give him some time to assess how he feels over the next few weeks, before he makes a final decision to whether he will play any further part as a player in the squad.

Meanwhile, the AUG squad will be keeping their eyes open for any possible replacements and have indicated their interest in inviting NUS' fullback David Lee to join the set up. The player has yet to respond to the invitation.
On behalf of the writers at SMUrugby news and the AUG squad, we wish A'srie a speedy recovery.

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