Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bryan Ng gets 38 weeks

SMU's vice president, Bryan Ng, has been slapped with a 38 week ban for his vulgar outburst at the SMU-NTU match. The former national SEA games winger was previously on probation for his 'eye-gouging' incident at SUNIG 2008, and was faulted for committing an offence while on probation.

The vulgar outburst (consisting of 4 words) came from the winger as a result of a controversial decision by the referee late in the game. Experts on the matter have cited the decision as 'harsh' and many are sympathetic with the young lad. SMU's head coach, Hairul Naim, has kept mum on the matter, instead choosing to focus on SMU's crucial match against NUS on Thursday.

The winger, however, seemed to have moved on quickly, putting the incident behind him by clinching the title of Mr Waikiki 2010 - in the process pouring beer down the chest of his fellow pageant partner and lapping it all up at her belly button.

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