Sunday, May 31, 2009

to Elisha Chng (1985 - 2009)

To an amazing, athletic and wonderful lad.

Elisha Chng was a great person on and off the rugby field.

You will always be remembered.

My deepest and un-expressionable condolences to all his loved ones and friends.

till we meet again...elisha.


picturegalore said...

can i know what happened to elisha? his pastor used to be a pastor in our church some years ago.

picturegalore said...

i meant his father, peter chng.

Agagooga said...

How did he go?

Ams said...

Elisha has passed away.

How or what really happened...well its maybe not such an important question.

More importantly, think it will be good for all who knew him to be at his wake to bid their farewell to elisha.

Marcus said...

elisha will be deeply missed by many... RIP

the illegal hack writer said...
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Lookup said...

I was at the wake tonight. Those present were reminded to be sensitive to the bereaved family by not asking questions that the family might not have answers........Hope you understand.

Rainbow said...

So sad he has to leave in this manner.Lets pray for his family because only God can console them. Let God's peace come upon this family and grant them strength and unity at this time of sorrow.

Yong Soon said...

Hi all

I an planning for some prayers for Elisha. May I know which Church was he baptize and where was his funeral service held.

Please let me know?

Thanks and regards
Yong Soon
9017 5894