Saturday, March 28, 2009

SMUrugbynews Special:Coach Rong in the hot-seat

After successfully defending this year's Tri-Universities Rugby Championships this year, City boy's Head coach, Rong Jingxiang speaks to, and shared with us his views on the team and what the future holds for the 2 time! 2 time!...Tri-Uni Champions.

SMUrugbynews: Thank you Rongy for taking time off your busy schedule to speak with us.

SMUrugbynews: ok...Firstly, congratulations on leading the team to victory in the Tri-Uni Championships. Could you describe to us how was your stint as the new coach of the City Boys been this season?
Rongy: was fun coaching cause i knew most of the boys before hand. To be honest, i didnt feel like i was a coach- COACH. I felt like i was one of the boys who was imparting the knowledge that i had acquired in my years of experience. It was nothing too formal and it was good fun.

SMUrugbynews: With the team littered with so many talented rugby players, was it easy to work with the team? Did you face any problems with any players in particular?
Rongy: Yes. It is obviously very hard to work with a team so littered with talent, cause at the end of the day, you can only fill in 15 players and you will want to get the best out of each player - so it was certainly tough. In terms of having problems with any players...well...lets just say the player that gave me the most problem was obviously Desmond "I'm fucked up" Wee (we knew that was coming).

Because while the lad has no doubt the ability on the field, he THINKS he is as good looking as me and his brother, Colin Wee. HAH! i had to keep the boy in check together with that unrealistic ego of his.

SMUrugbynews: Haha..whats new eh? Well moving on...many have criticised that with the amount of national team experience within the team, the City boys have at times underperformed, especially with narrow victories over NTU and even a defeat to NUS, what do you think about that?

Rongy: Well with the talent available, you would expect the scoreline to little bit more flattering. However, we've got to give some credit to our opponents. Both (NUS&NTU) who have in their respective matches "turned up" during game time and give the City boys a run for the money. Any team that wants to knock the defending champions off their pedestal will definitely give nothing less than their best, this is obvious in any sport.

Having said that, a win is a win and while we are champions once again, there is lots to be learnt and improved within the team.

SMUrugbynews: How would you then rate the City Boys performance in this year's Tri Unis?
Rongy: upon 10, i would rate them a 7. The rating would have been better if they have been more consistent throughout the 80mins. However, like all good teams complacency will sometimes creep in (as it did for us).

SMUrugbynews: So then, what has been the key to the success of the SMUrugby team this year?
Rongy: The desire to win from the boys. Special mention to the new boys like Derek Chan and Bryan Ng who both showed a lot of passion when they were on the field. It was good for the team.

SMUrugbynews: With many of the old guards set to leave the team at the end of their contract this season. Do you feel like the City boys' dominance in the local schools' rugby scene will be under any threat?
Rongy:Well.. obviously the team will be weaken. However, i'm sure SMU will gladly extend their contract if they wish to take up another year of studies in sexual intercourse offered by the students of the school. And when i say this, i refer to Vicky as one of the students.

SMUrugbynews: .....(ok whatever that means) So serious question now...This season the City boys featured without their former captain Amos "stomper" Siow, also known as the man with the most natural swing...was his presence missed in the team?
Rongy: KNN! His presence was sorely missed caused i realised that was a lack of comedy relief during training and the role of a clown was hard to fill. NEXT question..CB...KNN.

SMUrugbynews: Ok final question. We have heard that the board has been very pleased with your performance this season as head coach, does this mean we will be seeing more of you next season? The fans are already calling you "The Special one".
Rongy: The truth is...i would love to continue, but i haven't had any talks with the board as yet to where my future lies with the club. It remains to be seen. Lastly, to the is true...I am...whoever you say i am.


SMUrugbynews: Right.

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