Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SMU Spotted Polishing Up their Biggest Guns For the Coming Tri-Unis

With the Tri-Unis quickly approaching on the horizon and NUS' reported determination to pose a strong challenge to their rivals from yesteryear, the SMU team was seen last Monday hitting the gym to polish up their guns.

Veteran and freshly re-appointed Captain DMC led the boys through the first of many gym sessions under the new regime of legendary ex-National Captain Rong and greatly respected coaching phenomenon Lincoln.

When interviewed while literally bending the bars in his squat routine, rising Bucks star Vick told our reporters that he was "well and truly ready for a new season of ankle-breaking madness".

With NUS more than a month into training and SMU getting on the tracks as well, the question must be asked, where is NTU in the heat of this dawn of an exciting new season?

The boys continue their training tonight. Stay tuned.

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