Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SMUrugby yet to settle under new president

Yes! Its finally over for the City Boys... and we know that our loyal readership has dropped dramatically from 200 hits a day to almost as low as 50! (So much for being loyal) BUT! we are back! And we hope to bring you more juicy stories, more nonsense and more action this summer.

With a new exco running the show for the City Boys, one can only hope that new President Sherman Yeo can lift up to all the talk he has been making and deliver the goods. The new SMUrugby President, Sherman Yeo, swore to give it his all to the team and take the team to greater heights upon election. However, rumor has it that the prop has been busy with other more important commitments and is reported to have left his fellow exco members rather unsettled by his leadership.

The team has taken a long and much needed break from rugby and have yet to come together to train as a team since the last game of the Tri-Unis. With the next major tournament in line being the newly included Singapore University Games, (SUNIG 7s) which is set to take place later this year in July/August. Fans are wondering when will the Tri-Uni Champions start to get back to the training ground to sweat it out and get prepared for the next season.

When approached by SMUrugby TV, President Sherman appeared delirious or somewhat drunk and was observed to be in no condition to conduct an interview. He was seen randomly hitting out at former SMUrugby President Amos Siow and shouting at him at a recent school party @ butterfactory, shouting,

“I will lead SMU to more gold medals than you did! Just watch!”

Bold statements from the big fella, but we hope he lives up to all the talk. However, President Sherman will first have to get his act together and get the team organized again, to assure the fans and players that SMUrugby is in good hands under him and that he is certainly the man for the job.

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