Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Daddy Chow making a return as Head Coach?

Daniel Marc Chow is the latest target to be linked with SMU Head Coach position

Having spent the last 6 months concentrating on the 7s game, the City Boys will be looking to get down to preparing for the 15s game once the contingent who are up in Perth are back. Due to difficulties in committing to the City Boys' 15s season, last season's Head Coach Rong JingXiang, has stepped down from the position and has agreed to make way for a successor.

For the past few seasons, SMU has yet to have a coach who has stayed longer than a season, and critics are questioning if this could possibly affect the team's performances in any way. With the team, finishing a disappointing 3rd in the recent SUNiG 7s, many are hoping that was the last time that the City Boys had to face defeat. With the club boosted with substantial fundings from the school and sponsors, the team has little excuse not to perform considering all the support they are getting.

With the position of head coach vacant at the moment, speculations of who will take over as Head Coach are growing. With many of the younger boys expressing their liking for current SMU 7s coach, Hairul Naim's coaching methods and style, it will not come as any surprise should the appointment go to him. However, insider sources have said that SMU will be looking to hire someone who is not only able to offer his expertise as a coach, but also one who is passionate and strongly affiliated to the team. This has lead to rumors that manager Andrew Aaron Tam might be looking to hire former SMU skipper, Daniel Marc Chow or EVEN! possibly veteran never-say-die Uncle Chong Wei Nurn.

The decision has yet to be concluded, but till then the speculations will continue for what is said to be one of the most enjoyable and challenging coaching jobs in Singapore rugby school scene.

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