Friday, April 4, 2008

Caveman from Portugal pours out his heart

Some where in the lonely streets of Portugal, we hear the cries of frustration and loneliness from a man who has played a very important role in the successful season that the City Boys had recently. Daniel Marc Chow who has constantly been in the limelight on our blog is currently based in Portugal on an international exchange and is reported to be frustrated at the lack of interest Portugal rugby clubs have shown in signing him and is understand to be getting a bit home sick.

Recently to display their concern, the team recently mailed over a parcel to perk the spirits of the despondent caveman and more importantly wishing him a Happy 24th Birthday. The parcel was rumor to bring a huge smile to the big man and even brought an emotional tear.

The parcel contained birthday wishes and words of encouragement to the former SMU president.

Alex Ong's: "To my biggest fan Daniel Marc Chow - looks like you are driving alone but Shafiq is also inside (if you know what I mean)"
Desmond Wee's: "World...Hold on...Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu" Lorenzo Escano's: "Things that remind me of u!!"
- The little girl that walks by and asked her mom: ' Is that Jesus!'
- Evtec
- 'Monster-Cock'
- Cuffs
- i-chat

Anonymous (but we suspect its Shafiq): Vignesh Naidu aka The Darkness: "You know who it's from!" Vicknesh Sellathurai: "(Tamil) Since you are half-lankan, I know you can understand. Yeah!"
In response to the well wishes, the usually composed and nonchalant whooped out his Macbook and dished out an uncharacteristic emotional mail to the boys, a side the team has never seen, thanking the boys for the huge gesture and expressing his feelings openly, saying he misses every m*therf*cker back home.

However, this softer side of Daniel Marc, dashed the hopes of some of his team-mates who always regarded the him as “THE MAN!”. This emotional email is rumored to have unsettle some of the players in the locker room, in particular Alex “I am the Champion” Ong. The 2007/2008 Most Influential Player Ong expressed his disappointment openly stating in a reply mail saying,

“oh god DM i swear you're a gaylord. Thought you were just the best there wake up in the morning and you piss excellence...”
- Alex Ong

Meanwhile, while the world moves on and as the City Boys look to mug their asses off for the exams over the next week or so, we at SMUrugby news will do our utmost to bring you dozes of stories we can whoop out during our study breaks and hope it will provide you guys out there some laughter, some embarrassment and some entertainment to push you through the exam period.

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