Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clothesline from Hell - DMC

With the Tri-Universities Rugby Championships over, the rugby scene among the universities has quieten down. Nevertheless, we are pleased to share some of the wonderful and fantastic memories caught on video during the Tri-Universities. So if you missed the Tri-Unis this year, stay tuned to this blog, as we bring you some of the highlights of the tournament.

This week's highlight of the week features NUS vs SMU. The match marked to be the crucial turning point of the tournament for the City Boys, as they saw off their opponents 23-10 and went on to win the championship. The match was intensely fought between the two sides, which saw many big breaks and hits in the game.

Highlight of the week

In the 64th minute of play, with the score at 16-3 in SMU's favor, NUS looked to stage a comeback and were looking dangerous. After committing most of SMU's defense in the rucks, quick ball from the breakdown allowed NUS to have an 'overload' of players on the left side, the ball was swiftly passed through the hands of a couple of NUS players, that eventually freed hooker Thomas Zhang on the WING! The hooker easily breezed past SMU's cramping prop Vicknesh Sellathurai and looked to be running under the post for the try...and that's when Thomas met SMU's Big Daddy - Daniel Marc Chow. The latter who was running at full pace delivered what has been famously labelled as the 'Clothesline from Hell', the hit by him managed to dislodged the ball off his former Raffles team-mate. Thomas Zhang who looked totally thrown off guard was probably fortunate that the hit was deemed to be a high-tackle and resulted in a penalty try being awarded. Certainly saving Thomas the blushes.

Nevertheless, we are sure Daniel Marc Chow, who is currently based in Europe would be proud of this hit.

Warning: Please lower your audio volume. As live commentary is rated as "Colorful"

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