Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daniel Marc Chow bares it all for CLEO

Please go to your nearest 7-11 to purchase your monthly issue of CLEO. This month's issue features our very own Daniel Marc Chow. The interview is a 'must-read', as the man they call 'Big Daddy' bares it for the magazine, sharing some skin and personal secrets to readers.

The National Flanker who is expected to leave for Portugal this weekend for a 6 month stint, was also featured in the school's recently launched bulletin "The Blue and Gold", speaking of his SEA games experience and what is it like to be a national player.

So please go get your copies.

Interesting Fact for the Day:

Rumor has it, Daniel Marc Chow thinks he is Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor because he looks like George Clooney.


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